Why Brand is Important

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medium_13165315455Many businesses really do not understand brand or the concept of branding. To put the concept of brand in a nutshell:  your brand is how your business is perceived by others — plain and simple. That is a pretty broad statement, isn’t it? If we were talking about a person, we might refer to this same quality as their personality or style.

Your “brand” goes beyond your company logo – or in designer-speak your corporate identity — which often creates the first impression of your company’s persona. How you apply that identity, and the messaging and visuals that go along with the identity as you promote, will become the brushstrokes on the canvas on which you will paint your business self-portrait. And each stroke will either add or detract from the overall impression. It’s a kind of a touchy-feely thing!

Now, doing self-portraits always terrified me when I was in art school. I always trusted somebody else to do a better job of portraying me than I could do. The same could be said for many business owners when it comes to creating a brand identity for their business. You may not be the best judge of what is best. Often times we business owners can’t see the forest for the trees. But, this notion of branding is a fundamental requirement for your business to become and remain successful! So, you owe it to your business to do your very best!

I have seen many badly designed brochures, ugly signs, boring exhibits, jumbled web sites, and obnoxious ads over the years. They feature inconsistent logo & color applications, poor writing, awful visuals, bad layouts, and a general disrespect for the intelligence of the reader — all of these combine to make a toxic soup called bad branding! And this can sink your otherwise good-reputation, because Impressions do count!

A successful brand is one which has continuity and consistency, intelligent and concise presentation of product features and service offerings, supported by attractive and compelling imagery. This array of imagery & messaging plays out across all platforms and media representing the business – from signage to web sites, and even the freebies you give away at trade shows. Done well, it all adds up to create a beautiful picture of a successful business that has it all figured out and will perform in the same beautiful manner when the customer decides to do business with them!