Experience is the Best Teacher

After three decades working as a graphic designer, you learn a few things about marketing and business along the way, such as how to build a successful brand image and a company’s bottom line at the same time. Jeff Lawson has had the good fortune to work with a myriad of companies in his career, both large and small. He has been witness to successes and failures, and the lessons were not lost on him.

Jeff offers his consultation services to clients on an hourly basis in two primary areas of focus: brand audits and marketing campaigns. He offers his professional insights and recommendations to forward-looking clients who are in the process of long-term planning for future graphics and advertising endeavors. A written analysis, summary conclusions, and recommendations can be presented in a report. This document provides a blueprint for planning future efforts.

Brand Audits

Too often, corporate and brand identities just “evolve” over time. Like a ship with no rudder, they are subject to vagaries of chance and sometimes fail to maintain a solid course. By contrast, most successful companies have a master brand blueprint which sets the tone and direction for the business or brand.

Like a navigational map, the brand blueprint coordinates the overall graphic image that results from the myriad of logo applications a company’s everyday communications.

Lawson Design looks beyond the singular element of a logo to build a collective brand impression. We offer “synchronized identity,” a process of systematizing your brand or corporate identity in its diverse applications to create a distinctive personality and a common voice. Once your identity is synchronized, you are positioned to move forward no matter how the wind blows.

Marketing Planning

As an added resource for clients in the process of planning marketing efforts and promotional campaigns, Jeff is available as a expert consultant. Cross-media stategies, budget planning, and timetable estimates are just some of the areas for which he has consulted. Consultations are on an hourly basis.

Small Business Promotion

As a small businessman myself, I can assist you in planning promotional strategies for your small businesses.  Please read my article on “How Do I Promote my Small Business?” for some of my insights.