Does Design Make a Difference?

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These days, there are a lot of opportunities available for businesses to promote their business.  And even some do-it-yourself options are part of the mix. For example: website builder platforms have popped up everywhere — through trade associations, web server companies, and others. Now a days, you can even buy a logo on the internet, […]

Why Brand is Important

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Many businesses really do not understand brand or the concept of branding. To put the concept of brand in a nutshell:  your brand is how your business is perceived by others — plain and simple. That is a pretty broad statement, isn’t it? If we were talking about a person, we might refer to this […]

How Do I Promote My Small Business?

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Anybody whose job responsibilities includes promoting a business has asked themselves at one time or another “How do I promote my business?”  As a small business owner, I certainly have grappled with this question many times over the years. The ground rules have changed over the last decades when it comes to the promotion of […]

How Much Does a Logo Cost?

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I have been asked this question many times over the years. I always reply: “If we design one logo concept for you and you like it, then not very much”. But, that is the rub, will the client like the one design solution that we present to them? Logo and brand identity designs can be […]

WordPress Web Sites:
A Smart Solution

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The Internet has become the new yellow pages. Can your customers find you? If you don’t have a website, perhaps they can’t. Having a website is the most basic component of promoting your business in today’s connected world. Today, Content Management Systems (CMS) make it much easier for business owners to maintain their own websites […]

The Changing Role of the Graphic Designer

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The list of services that Lawson Design provides to our clients has grown substantially over the years. No longer does the graphic designer only design, today it is increasingly common that research, marketing, copywriting, photography, illustration, coding, printing or fabrication have become part of client expectations. The range of services that we provide is vast […]